I have been truly blessed with an extraordinary mandate to deliver the gospel to children. The way I do that, is what I call “Gospel Evangelism Entertainment. By his grace and direction, I bring the Gospel message to the children, utilizing illustrations and props, such as, picture silks, illusions and balloon sculptures.

One of the things I tell the children is that God loves them, and if they welcome Jesus into their hearts, he will take them to magical places in their lives!

Another successful goal and objective of mine is to impart the promises found in the scriptures to them and deliver the Gospel, in a way they can understand, while still having fun with them; without ever compromising the word of God, or the integrity of the message.

At the end of every gospel magic show, I offer them the chance to welcome Jesus into their hearts and of course, I offer them the chance to join me, in the salvation prayer.

By Gods’ grace, directed by his Holy Spirit, I have seen hundreds of thousands of children accept Jesus into their hearts as their Lord and Savior!

I have been all over the world with this “Gospel Evangelism Entertainment” ministry, from Jamaica, to Brazil, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Africa!

Of course I work in my own backyard as well, bringing the “Gospel Entertainment” to church fundraisers, parks, children’s birthday parties and outreaches all over the New York and New Jersey area!

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