About Me

I have been in the hospitality industry, serving and entertaining communities in New York and New Jersey for over twenty years!

“Entertaining children has always been my most successful joy, and passion !
I have been truly blessed with a servants heart and an unconditional love, and patience with children!”
“On my magical journey through Children’s Entertainment, I have brought tons of safe, clean, fun, joy, and laughter, to tens of thousands of children, of all ages! One thing I learned in my adventurous career is that you can’t fool the kids! I love their honesty! If they’re not having a good time at the party, they’ll let you know about it! Fortunately, I love what I do, and the kids always have an amazing time!”


“CC” the clown or the “Amazing Mr. Frankie” are available for, Church, gospel evangelism outreach events, grand openings, Birthday parties, Slumber parties, Good-Behavior parties, Parades, School, Events, Block parties, and any event regarding children ! Turn your next party event into an unforgettable, extra special, amazing experience!!

Entertainer Costume Options:

  1. Full clown, make-up and professional, colorful clown outfit and clown shoes.
  2. Clown (as previous option) but no make-up
  3. Mr Frankie: professional, entertainer carnival/casual trendy dress, no make-up

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